Premium Cacao Beans

Our cocoa beans come from small farms in northern Peru near the factory.  Thanks to low food miles and the unique soils from this part of the world, the flavors you experience with our bars are distinct and enticing.


We take the fermented and dried beans to our factory, located only a short drive from the cacao fields. At the factory, we take great care in identifying the most aromatic beans and separate those for our dark chocolate line. The selected beans then start their transformation into chocolate. We process the beans as much as necessary, but no further, to ensure our chocolate retains the flavors naturally found in our beans. Better beans mean better flavors.


Our farmers won a certificate at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris for aroma. With this award more multi-national chocolate companies are buying beans from eastern Peru, this competition is increasing the price farmers receive, beyond even fair trade standards.


We are makers of aromatic flavorful chocolate, not melters – people who buy already made chocolate, melt it down, form bars, and sell it as their own.

We preserve all of the natural flavors of our beans and produce our chocolates in small batches which develops a distinct flavor.  Once you identify one, a new flavor delight will reach your senses the next time you experience our chocolate.