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Our chocolate factory, is located in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, in Tarapoto, Peru.    It was created through a collaborative effort between NGO funding and local communities in order to compliment  the burgeoning cocoa industry in the Region of San Martin  in the year 1998.   Cocoa was being introduced into this region as a sustainable alternative crop that would replace the dominant coca plantations.   
Our purpose  was twofold, both intended to promote sustainability for cocoa farmers.  One was to provide a processing factory in order to create a local market for cocoa farmers.  The other was to provide technical training in field management, harvest and post harvest skills to improve the quality of their product.  

We have been producing fine artisanal, bean to bar Peruvian chocolate for 15 years.  We use organic beans from the Region of San Martin to make a chocolate that is unique in  flavor  and is signature of this region.  Today we continue promoting sustainability for cocoa farmers in the region of San Martin by working directly with farmers in the field, promoting cooperativism,  providing training and tools, and helping communities obtain organic and fair trade certifications.    We continue developing strong relationships with our communities and farmers thereby obtaining the highest quality cocoa and promoting sustainable livelyhoods for  them in return.  

La Orquidea chocolate uses the highest quality cocoa beans found in Peru
 and the world.  We preserve the natural aroma and flavors of our cacao in each of our bars. 

Making our chocolate near the fields where our small scale farmers' cacao is grown provides fair paying wages to women in eastern Peru.  Other chocolates send their beans halfway around the world to be turned into chocolate and then to you.  We stay as local as you can with chocolate.

We invite you to learn more about us, our beans, our bars, and a part of the world that is closer than you might think.  Thank you for taking interest in our socially responsible company and hope to hear from you soon.

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Thank you all ! Little by little we grow.
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